Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Barnsley Model Railway Club? Have a look below to see if there's an answer here!

Do I have to have my own layout?

No, quite a few members don't have their own layouts for various reasons. They enjoy being able to bring their stock and run it in the club rooms. We have a double track circuit in 'OO' which equates to about 1.6 scale miles. Castle Oswick is also erected in the running room for members to use as they wish. An 'N' gauge track is currently being planned and built as well.

How much does it cost for membership?

The membership runs for twelve months from March. The fees are set at the AGM in January and are currently £50 for the year for adults, £15 for junior and 'Country' members. New members joining at other times of the year have their fees reduced accordingly.

How do I become a member?

That's easy, just come along to the regular Tuesday evening meeting!

We are a friendly bunch and always welcome 'new blood' You will be shown round the facilities, introduced to some of the regulars and have a chat and a cup of tea. You don't have to 'pay up' from the start. If you realise it's not for you after a few weeks, that's it. If you decide you'd like to join and pay your fees, that's great!

What is there to do at the club?

Research. We have a vast library for you to assist in identifying and detailing stock. Some of our members are 'fonts of knowledge' when it comes to information and are always willing to help you out.

Design and build layouts. We like to have a programme of designing and building layouts for exhibition purposes.

Tutorials, have a go sessions. We run a programme of instructional events where members are shown how to and encouraged to have a go at various topics such as weathering stock; building trees; making tools to assist like static grass applicators and electrical testers; operating the lathe.

I am interested in Garden railways/narrow gauge/'O' gauge. Is there anything in it for me?

Whilst the majority of members are interested in OO and N gauge layouts, we have a few members who are interested in the more specialised gauges as well. We try and encourage everyone whatever their interest to be active members within the club and cater for their needs wherever possible.