2016 Exhibition

5th & 6th November 2016

The 2016 Exhibition was held at Hoyland Leisure Centre. See panel on the right for full details.

Layouts and trade stands that attended are shown below.

At The Show


OO9 Layouts - OO9 gauge

Three small OO9 presentations, one of which presents models of World War 1.

Dubmill Sidings - 7 mm scale O gauge

Presented by Steve Thompson and family, depicts a fictional non-passenger part of the railway system in the North-Western corner of Cumbria.

Haymarket Cross - OO gauge

A historically accurate layout portraying a busy East Coast mail line steam shed, circa 1961.

Haymarket Cross

Heanor South - OO9 gauge

Heanor South (pronounced Heenaw) was opened by the Great Northern Railway in 1891 for passengers and 1892 for goods. The layout shows the operation in British Railways’ days when passenger trains have continued there‚Äôs a busy goods yard. And coal empties appear and are run around to be taken to the pits.

Live Steam by Brian Caton - O & OO9 gauge

The railway has come into being following an exercise in sub-miniature live-steam locomotive building. Having previously built many live-steam locomotives for both O and OO gauge, it was decided to develop a design for a reliable live-steam locomotive to run on 9mm gauge.

Kings Awdry - OO gauge

BMRC’s small promotional layout that was originally intended for Thomas rolling stock but now provides a small, easily transportable layout that can be used at community events offering DCC wireless control running on batteries if required.

Mortomley - OO gauge

Mortomley is a backwater branch somewhere in East Anglia as this is where the W&M rail buses spent much of their short careers. The platform is a simple affair of old sleepers and earth, with an old van body serving as a waiting shelter. Goods facilities are provided by a single siding, served by an occasional pick-up freight.

North of England Line - N gauge

North of England Line - Scarworth Junction is an award-winning layout, modelled in N gauge and has been constructed to show scale length trains running through a typical northern landscape.

Redwood Lumber - On30 gauge

On a hot summer’s day in the 1940s, the Redwood Logging Company continues its operations to fell timber in the high country and bring it down to the coastal sawmill to be processed into lumber. The site is located by a creek but it’s no longer navigable by ships and the finished lumber must be transported by rail to the nearest port.

Silkstone Junction - O gauge

Silkstone Junction Shed depicts a small steam locomotive depot as built by the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company. The scene is set in the late 1950s. The location is fictional but assumes a junction where the former Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway met the Great Central Railway, somewhere near Barnsley.

Taylor’s Trains - TT gauge

’TT’ Gauge products had a relatively short, commercial run and this lay-out has been made to present a collection of this stock. The layout itself is simple with the intention of making the focus the opportunity to see this rare stock in action. All the track and rolling stock are from the 1960s.

Victoria Road - OO gauge

Bradford Model Railway Club’s latest large exhibition layout based on Saltaire station and mill is based on a section of the ex-Midland line north of Leeds/Bradford, heading towards the famous Settle & Carlisle railway.


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